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College Board National Recognition Awards

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The district is proud to recognize our students who have been awarded academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs.

These students excelled in College Board assessments and schoolwork, including a GPA of 3.5 or higher, to earn these awards, which colleges and universities across the country use to identify academically competitive underrepresented students.

We congratulate the following 2023-2024 award recipients:

National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
Gabriela Franco (12)
Kassandra Maurad (11)

National African American Recognition Award (NAARA)
Gabrielle Bernabe (12)
Olivier Durisile (12)
Taylor Jenulis-Jackson (12)
Mecca Jones (12)
Isabella Ramharakh (11)

Date Added: 10/3/2023

Camp Explore Ribbon-Cutting

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On Sept. 28, the district celebrated the grand opening of Camp Explore, the outdoor learning center at Davison Avenue Intermediate School.

As Principal Dr. Yudin said today is a day we have dreamed of for a very long time! This empty lot has been transformed into a place that will inspire hands-on learning, be a location for peaceful outdoor gatherings and will provide opportunities for real life skill building.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this dream a reality for the Davison community!

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 9/29/2023

Mules Become Dalers

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We have seen, time and time again, the incredible power of unity and compassion in the face of adversity. Today, the Malverne Schools community stands with Farmingdale by wearing green to show our strong support during their time of sorrow.  

The color green represents hope, growth, and renewal, and by wearing it, we can show Farmingdale that they are not alone as they navigate this difficult chapter. This simple gesture speaks volumes about our empathy, unity, and the sense of togetherness that defines the Long Island community.

Mules Pride Pep Rally

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The postponment of Homecoming didn’t dampen spirits as students, faculty and Malverne faithful showed off their colors and celebrated our amazing Mules musicians, cheerleaders and athletes with an exciting and energetic pep rally on Sept. 22.

The Pride of Malverne Marching Band kicked off the festivities with a performance of their new show “Bring Us A Dream”, followed by the introduction of this year’s teams, including soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Then the Mules Cheerleaders got the crowd fired up to meet the JV and Varsity football teams, who enjoyed a loud and lively celebration on the field!

Finally, the excited crowd got to meet this year’s Homecoming Court, including the new King and Queen!

We look forward to seeing everyone for the Football Fright Night Fall Festival on Oct. 13 starting at 4pm. (more details coming soon)

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 9/25/2023

Congratulations AP Scholars

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The district welcomed our AP Scholars and National Scholars for a luncheon at the high school on July 24. The students were joined by members of the administration who recognized the level of focus and commitment required to achieve this status and congratulated them on their incredible accomplishments.

We are proud to congratulate all 56 of our AP scholars. We look forward to seeing many of them during the upcoming school year and wish the best of luck to our Class of 2023 scholars as they embark the next chapter of their lives.

Ucheomachi Alozie
Gabrielle Bernabe
Gerard Bernabe
*Timothy Bernabe
Bernard Jayden
Ganesh Bipat
Jordan Blue
Michael Brancato
Ethan Brown
Olivia Brown
Makayla Caesar
Raymond Cecere
Skye Clarke
Alexander Daly
James Daly
Alexa Duhaney
Olivier Durisile
Leslie Figueroa
Olivia Flynn
Gabriela Franco
Fabian Gonzalez
Tamara Goonetilleke
Jailyn Green
*Hanai Guaman
Raya Harrison
Ryan Hayes
Nadia Holt
Taylor Jenulis-Jackson
Gabrielle Joseph
Cynthia Kartick
*Emma Keller
Adam Khan
Zain Khan
Michael Lawless
Molly Matthaei
Brian McAleese
Edgar Medina Ramirez
Henry Morales
Selin Mutlu
Isabella Ramharakh
Sabrina Ramharakh
Farah Sadik
Jonathan Singh
Mahalia Singh
Jamila Smith
Claudenski Souvenance
Jabari Spence
Sekani Spence
*Lorelai Thrasher
Farvens Ulysse
Cyrus Villanueva
Jerico Villanueva
Amia Winfield
Stephen Wyss
Nicole Young

*National Scholar