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School Counseling Services


College Representatives Visiting Malverne High School
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Meet Our School Counselors

Colleen Henehan
Counseling Center Coordinator - HS
Donna Bailey
Counselor - HS
Nicole Beauford
Counselor - HS
Laura Pulitano
Counselor - MS
Joe Aquino
Social Worker - HS

Erin Reilly
Counseling Center Coordinator - MS
Peter Gersbeck
Counselor - HS
Ann Marie Henderson
Counselor - MS
Counselor - Davison
Counselor - Downing
Martine Laventure
Social Worker - Davison
Jamie Carter-Jorif
Social Worker - Downing




Virtual College Rep Visits Sept. 27 - Oct. 15


2022 Senior Critical College Application Dates


9th Grade Orientation Presentation


Grade 8 Parent Academy: Prepare To Finish HTH Middle School Strong & Successfully “Move-Up” To Malverne High School


Parent Academy - Help Your Child "Stand Out" in their College Admissions Process


Counseling Presentations Archive



Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Malverne School District’s Guidance & School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive developmental and standards-based program where counselors are committed to supporting the academic, personal/social, college and career planning needs of all students.  Our goal is to provide professional knowledge, skills and services that best assist every student to achieve success in his/her academic accomplishments, personal/social growth and post-secondary and career planning pursuits.  Our foundation is strengthened by working collaboratively with educators, administrators, parents/guardians and community members to promote a commitment to  life-long learning and an environment for our students that fosters individuality, respect and citizenship. 
Our mission, is that upon graduation, all students are equipped with the tools they need to be College & Career Ready.


Monday, January 24, 2022