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Malverne District Bands


High School Wind Ensemble

Mr. Johnson, Director
The Malverne High School Wind Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Johnson is made up of about sixty, eleventh and twelfth grade students who have earned their way into the group with hard work and dedication throughout their music careers.  The ensemble plays NYSSMA level V and VI music and enjoys sight reading different literature during the concert season to broaden their musical horizon.  They are also encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA solo festival.  The Wind Ensemble is the top performing band in the district and allows for the younger students to see what their music ability will reach as they get older. Students from this ensemble are also the leaders in Malverne’s competitive marching band.  They are the role models for the younger students and are the most experienced in the group.


High School Symphonic Band

Mr. Johnson, Director
The Malverne High School Symphonic Band under the direction of Mr. Johnson is made up of about forty five, ninth and tenth graders.  This group performs NYSSMA level IV and V music from a variety of genres and also participates in the marching band.  The students in the group are held with high expectations to set the foundation for the future of the marching band and wind ensemble.  They are required to perform playing tests throughout the year and are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA solo festival.  These students are mature musicians with a bright future ahead of them.


High School Marching Band

Mr. Johnson, Director, Mrs. Alyssa Sitler, Asst. Director
The Pride of Malverne began competing in 2000, under the direction of Michael Messina, and has a short but rich competitive history. After several years of local shows, the band first competed in the NYSFBC Championships in 2003 and finished 8th out of 11 bands. In 2006, just three years later, the band took first place with the show “Miss Saigon” and became Small School 3 State Champions.

In 2008, Director Erin Lynch and Assistant Director Glen Johnson took over the marching band. In 2010, with the show entitled “The Planets,” The Pride of Malverne brought home its second championship in the Small School 3 class. In 2011, the band moved up a class and became NYSFBC Small School 2 Champions with the show “Rhythms, Layers & Echoes.” 

In addition to competitions, the marching band performs annually at the Newsday Marching Band Festival, the Lighting of Malverne festivities, the Malverne Memorial Day Parade, and home football games. The band recently appeared in Newsday and on News 12 Long Island. Other highlights include a feature on the CW11 Morning News with Larry Hoff in the fall of 2007, as well as performances in the Cablevision Parade Spectacular in Stamford, CT (1999-2002).

In 2014 The band was taken over by Glen Johnson and is the current band director.  He is assisted by Alyssa Rizzuto. While under their direction, in 2016 the band moved up to the top class of Small School 1 and quickly won the class two years later in 2018 with the show entitled "The Uninvited."


7th and 8th Grade Concert Band

Mrs. Alyssa Sitler, Director
The seventh and eighth grade concert band under the direction of Mrs. Sitler is made up of over seventy students and performs NYSSMA level II and III music.  This group performs music of different genres and performs in two concerts during the school year.  Recently the group has shown excellent progress in literature that Mr. Johnson has challenged them with.  The students from this group are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA solo festival as well as the high school ensembles. The group will be traveling to New Jersey in the spring of 1014for its first ever participation in the "Music in the Parks" festival.


6th Grade Band

Mrs. Alyssa Sitler, Director
The sixth grade band under the direction of Mrs. Sitler is made up of over sixty, sixth grade students.  This group performs NYSSMA level I and II music and is still in the beginning stages of their musical careers. The group performs at two concerts throughout the year and students are encouraged to perform in the NYSSMA solo festival.  The 6th grade band is a transitional year for our students as they better understand the high demands of practicing to achieve their very best.


5th Grade Band

Mr. Moryl, Director
The fifth grade band is made up of over sixty five, fifth grade students and they are in their second year of playing band instruments.  The students are very dedicated, meeting Monday mornings at 7:30 to rehearse together.  The students continue their music education in small group lessons during the week.  The fifth grade band performs at both the winter and spring concerts each year.  Selected students from the group represent our district when they perform each year in the NYSSMA and All-County Festivals.


4th Grade Band

Mr. Moryl, Director
The  fourth grade band under the direction of Mr. Moryl, is made up of over 85 beginning band students.  Starting in September and continuing throughout the school year, they learn their instruments in small group lessons.  They rehearse together as a band on Monday afternoons beginning in January of each year.  Their first and only performance in 4th grade is at the Davison Avenue Intermediate School Spring Concert, held in the HTH Auditorium.  The skills taught at this level are centered on helping each child learn the basics of their instrument, in order to build a lifetime of enjoyment in playing music.