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Physical Education & Health

Micheal Pelan, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Phone: (516) 887-6485



Malverne Physical Education Statement of Philosophy

All students in grades Kindergarten to twelfth grade are provided with the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences through Physical Education, which will develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and appreciation needed to maintain lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes. The diversity and multicultural aspects of our program will enable students to become socially and personally responsible citizens who will contribute to the wellbeing of their families, school and community.



Our students will receive maximum opportunity for participation in physical education classes, while enjoying the activities offered from remediation to enrichment. These activities will improve fitness, perceptual-motor skills, social emotional development, and integration with academic learning concepts.

Our students will be offered the benefit of activities to enhance their self-confidence, creativity, and the ability to recognize individual differences among their peers. They will demonstrate knowledge and skills in fitness and conditioning, basic and creative movement, rhythm and dance, stunts, tumbling and apparatus, and games and sports activities.

An overall awareness of the welfare of others in regard to sportsmanship and safe participation in all physical education classes will be developed. They will be encouraged to pursue various activities in their leisure time, in order to maintain optimal health and fitness throughout their lives.

It is our hope that every child will develop awareness that vigorous daily exercise is required as a preventative measure in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Secondary students will receive maximum opportunity to participate in activity through physical education, intramurals and interscholastic sports. Skills and concepts will be developed and refined to enable students to engage in physical activity with joy, confidence and success. Students will experience all facets of movement, which include: dance, sport (individual and team), adventure and fitness. Upon graduation, students will reach a level of proficiency as defined by the state. Acquisition of knowledge and understanding will facilitate the student’s pursuit to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


NYS Physical Education Learning Standards

  1. Demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.
  2. Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics related to movement and performance.
  3. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.
  4. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.
  5. Recognizes the value of physical activity for overall wellness, enjoyment, challenge, and/or self-expression.
  6. Recognizes career opportunities and manages personal and community resources related to physical activity and fitness to achieve and maintain overall wellness.


Physical Education Lifelong Practices

  • Demonstrates perseverance and resilience
  • Advocates for self, others, and community
  • Respects and embraces individual and cultural differences
  • Adapts to multiple environments
  • Acquires skills necessary to live a healthy life
  • Demonstrates a commitment to safety
  • Uses motivational strategies to encourage self and others’ participation in a physical activity
  • Exhibits civility when confronted with adversity
  • Connects the physical well-being to social emotional wellness

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