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Davison Avenue Intermediate School

Address: 49 Davison Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563
Phone: 516-887-6462
Principal: Ms. Rachel Gross

Davison building photo


Davison Avenue Intermediate School is part of Malverne Public Schools located in Nassau County at 49 Davison Avenue in Lynbrook, NY 11563.  Our main office telephone number is 516-887-6463.  We are situated in the southwest section of Nassau County, approximately 20 miles from Manhattan.   Davison Avenue is a multi-cultural school for third, fourth and fifth grade students.  There are currently six to seven classes per grade level in addition to our Speech & Language class.  Davison Avenue Intermediate School offers an ESL program, as well as inclusion classes for each grade level.  Davison Avenue also offers curriculums in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library.  In addition, our school has a fully functioning science lab replete with Smartboard. In the event that the school may be on a delayed opening or closed due to inclement weather, Connect Ed, a district notification telephone system and/or the district website will offer the latest Malverne School District information.


Letters & Notices

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Current News

Field Day Team Reveal

Student Popping a balloon to reveal Orange Confetti thumbnail217334
Student Popping a balloon to reveal Orange Confetti thumbnail217335
Student Popping a balloon to reveal Orange Confetti thumbnail217336
Student Popping a balloon to reveal Blue Confetti thumbnail217337
Student Popping a balloon to reveal Blue Confetti thumbnail217338
Student Popping a balloon thumbnail217339

Shouts of delight and excitement were heard throughout the halls of Davison Avenue Elementary School as students officially discovered their assigned teams for the school’s upcoming Field Day on May 20. Each class learned of their teams by popping a balloon that revealed either blue or orange confetti.

Date Added: 5/17/2022

Spring Break Countdown

Students outside at the playground thumbnail216446
Students outside at the playground thumbnail216447
Students outside at the playground thumbnail216448
Students outside at the playground thumbnail216449

Davison Avenue had a blast counting down to spring break. Students wore sunglasses, funky hats, flowers, and blue and orange to represent Malverne. We always know how to make learning fun here at Davison!

Date Added: 4/27/2022

Autism Awareness

Wall full of post it notes and a large graphic of a heart with the words Neurdiversity is Beautiful  thumbnail216348
Ms. Martine Laventure of Davison School presented and did a workshop in each classroom defining Autism and Neurodiversity. She spoke about acceptance of others differences and did an activity celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. The activity is beautifully displayed in the school’s hallway for all to see.

Date Added: 4/22/22

Spirit Week

students holding stuffed pandas thumbnail215012
three students wearing polka dots thumbnail215013
two students holding stuffed pandas thumbnail215014
students wearing yellow thumbnail215015

Spirit Week was in full swing at Davison Avenue Intermediate School, as students dressed up and participated in a variety of activities based on the theme of the day. This included themes like Pi Day, Wear Yellow for the flower of the month, National Panda Day, St. Patrick’s Day and wear a crown for the Malverne High School’s opening of “Cinderella.”

Date Added: 3/23/2022

Arkansas Pen Pals

banner image with clipart of pencil & paper, and a group photo of students thumbnail214731

Davison Avenue’s fourth grade students in Mrs. Jeanine Greco’s class have friends near and far. The students are participating in a pen pal program, where they exchange letters with other fourth grade students from Mena, Arkansas.

In their letters, students share what life is like for a fourth graders in their state. They found out that Arkansas is the number one grower of rice in the United States and the class even sent the Davison Avenue students Rice Krispies Treats as a snack. Mrs. Greco’s class can’t wait to tell them all about New York and send them mini apple pies to represent the state fruit, the apple.

Date Added: 3/21/2022