When you receive compliments from your competitors about the performance and comportment of your children, your heart swells with pride.  There is a Yiddish word for this - “Kvelling”, and I sure was!!   People were so impressed with The Pride of Malverne’s first performance at Brentwood that they took the time to send me complimentary emails. Marching band parents and teachers must be applauded for this recognition.  That hard work building the wall paid off!  We will see The Pride of Malverne in all its glory at the Homecoming Parade this Saturday.  The parade kicks off at 11:30 am from Whelan Field, and I hope to see the entire community out there.  We will enter the MHS grounds through the Henry Street gates and follow-up shortly with the Homecoming Court.  The game begins at 2 pm. I know the PTA in each school, as well as the high school class officers, have been busy with their floats and establishing various fund raisers.  It is important that we come out and support their efforts.  It has been a while since we have been able to enjoy this annual tradition, so let’s soak in all the fun

This week, in all our schools we witnessed the Malverne Spirit. Even our high school staff and students got in the spirit for pajama day on Monday.  From crazy sock day to Mule pride day, we all celebrated the orange and blue in unique ways.  The weather began with a downpour, but that did not dampen our spirits.  Students came into the high school to see the decorated hallways ushering in the Homecoming weekend. They ended the day with a good old fashioned pep rally to wish our hard-working Mules victory over Friends Academy.  

Kvelling once again, I proudly acknowledge the 65 Advanced Placement Scholars and National Merit award winners from last school year.  Eight of these students earned an AP Capstone diploma, one of the highest honors available.  One of the eight, Geoffrey Enwere, was also named National Merit semi-finalist. Despite the challenges of COVID, our staff and students rose to the occasion and produced scholars across the disciplines.  Even more significant, our results outperformed Nassau County in almost all areas. In our senior class of 2021, 48.9% earned a passing score on at least one AP, the highest in 5 years. In 2017, that data was 33.3%.  We will be recognizing these students and our National Merit honorees at the next board of education meeting. You should know that the single greatest factor affecting completion of a college degree is having had a college level experience while in high school.  We had 73% of our students enrolled in college courses last year, and we hope to see that number increased with our expanded offerings. The ingredient for success is here at Malverne!!

This is a gentle reminder of the commitment we all made when we filled out the COVID health app earlier this year. If you or your child are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please do not send your child in to school. It is important that you get tested as well.  We are trying to keep our schools open and avoid any COVID transmission. We continue to keep our schools safe by getting vaccinated (for those who can), following safety protocols, and wearing well-fitted masks. COVID testing is available at the high school on Monday, September 27th and weekly thereafter. We will also have the vaccines available monthly.  Please register on our website.

As always, my email is llewis@malverneschools.org, please do not hesitate to connect with me.  #Unlockingpossibilites  #GoMules